“Plouf” or “Palif” (Rus) Pilaw (Eng)

4 pcs. of onions
4 pcs. Of carrots
3 pcs. Of garlic
1 kilo of pork or chicken meat
1/2 kilo of rice
1/4 cup of olive oil
Pepper, Iodized salt or ready mixed spices



1. Pour Olive oil in the pan fry to make it hot.
2. Put the pork meat in the hot pan fry and cook until it brown.
3. Combine the onions and sauté it together
4. Combine the slice carrots and garlic
5. Place the rice in the casserole on top of the pork meat and put water for the rice to cook.
6. Wait until rice is cooked then mix together with the pork and all the ingredients inside the casserole.
7. Serve it while it’s hot.


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