Steamed Fried Chicken


black pepper
fish sauce
vegetable oil
whole fried chicken



Directions :

1. Marinade the chicken for 15 to 20 minutes to the ingredients such as small amount of salt and fish sauce, garlic and black pepper.

2. After at least 20 minutes place the whole chicken on steamer then let it steamed for at least 40 minutes to an hour until the chicken becomes soft.

3. When the chicken is soft enough put it in a hot pan fry with good enough of vegetable oil then wait until it becomes brown color and cooked.

4. When it’s ready place it in a plate with your prefer garnish vegetables.

5. Serve it with your tasty creamy Mang Tomas  barbeque sauce  or  mayonnaise with banana catsup.

5. Enjoy eating your fried chicken with a smile!  :)


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