Filipino Recipes


Filipino dish have embraced their own culinary art in the form of taste and color. Technically Filipino way of cooking has been influence by Chinese, European, Spanish, American and Asian. However many Filipino dishes from each region of the Philippines have each own distinctive specialty cuisine. The Ilocano’s known for their Pakbet a nutritious kind of vegetable dish. Bicolanos are famous of their Bicol Express prepare in a hot and spicy chili simmered with coconut milk. Tinola in Tagalog and Cebuano. And most of all the famous as I mentioned known the tasty chicken adobo usually serve with hot steamed rice are the typical most of the filipino’s has enjoyed eating for a memorable meal.

Try out the pure tasty, delightful native food of the Philippine and other continental recipes as well. Every recipes here are free and easy to follow to enjoy your cooking experience!

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